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Sky Railway Employment Opportunities

Conductors and Locomotive Engineers

Sky Railway is actively seeking to recruit conductors and locomotive engineers to run our passenger trains. Current or previous certification is required. If you are currently certified or have been previously certified as a conductor and/or engineer, please contact Janice at [email protected].

Track Laborers

Sky Railway is actively seeking to recruit track laborers. If you have any track experience, that’s a plus! Please contact Janice at [email protected].

Journeyman Carman

Sky Railway is actively seeking to hire a journeyman carman. If you have experience with train air brakes and manual testing devices, please contact Janice at [email protected].


Join Sky Railway’s Team of Exceptional Entertainers
Are you a captivating storyteller, a talented musician, or an entertainer who can command a crowd? If you’re passionate about performing live music, Sky Railway would love to have you on board as a member of our team. We take pride in working with the finest local talent in Santa Fe. To be considered, please contact our talent director at [email protected].